Dvija- reborn as a mother

Dvija- means twice born. First born by mother-father and then born by one’s karma as an more enlightened soul. Traditionally it has been believed that giving birth to a child is a rebirth of the mother. Believing this, our training at Dvija is always focused on-

  • Making every expecting mother and her family knowledgeable to take decisions.
  • Avoid medical interventions that are unnecessary.
  • Talk to your doctor, ask questions to get clarity about your pregnancy.
  • Your child should have wonderful birth memory.
  • Every mother should consider it as her responsibility to get back into shape after delivery.
  • Every mother should have proper guidance on breastfeeding, nipple preparations, right posture etc.
  • Child is born intelligent, we as a parent should know to guide it in right directions.
  • It’s very simple ” BE THE WAY YOU WANT YOUR CHILD TO BE”.
  • Husband is an active member of this entire journey, But he needs guidance about the execution of his role.
  • TO BE A PARENT IS NOT A STATUS, it’s a responsibility.

About Founder : Mrs. Shrreya Siddharth Shah

I am Shrreya Shah. I am a dietitian and a post graduate in fitness management. At the age of 14, I saw first sonography of a pregnant lady in a science exhibition arranged by Aayuka in Pune. I was thrilled and amazed to even think that how an entire human being is created, nourished and brought to this world through a mother’s womb. I had a desire to do something in the field of expectant mothers.
This dream was deeply buried within me until I came across a certification course at Mumbai by LAMAZE to be a childbirth educator. I grabbed this opportunity and here I am Shrreya, a childbirth educator. I am enthusiastic, fun loving and someone who loves to express ideas, thoughts and learning’s in a creative way. I use games, activities, discussions, dance etc, to make learning a fun.

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