Counselling for Moms

Paediatric diet

Every child is not born with specific likings towards it. We as a mother should understand and develop taste within child. It can be done.

Weaning (starting food)

Child shifting to solid food at around 6 months it is major stepping stone for baby. Done in right way will help you and your baby to eat healthy and in right manner.


Less milk flow, nipple cracks, severe back pain, latching problem, non contended baby.. Etc these are all things concern with having improper guidance for breastfeed. It’s needed.

Post delivery diet

What our mothers could digest we can’t as we don’t do so much of physical work. We need to keep traditional nutrition in mind and make modern changes to it as per need.

Postnatal care

It helps one to go through baby blues with confidence, love and care.

Baby care

Don’t rely completely on others as every mother, every child, every parenting is different. We should know what will be best for our child.

Upbringing child

It’s me who can put those values and behavioral treads within child. Know it at right time.

Behavioural concerns

They don’t learn in womb, they observe and they learn. Let’s learn to give right input as a parent so that we can have right output.

Habits in child

Know the reason behind developing specific habit. It’s easy to change effect when you know the cause.

Weight management after delivery

To be an effective mother, be responsible for your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Handling postnatal emotions

Knowing to handle these emotions will help blossom as a person and strengthen your relationships with yourself and with others.

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