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  • Shradha Vyawahare

    So true Shreya..awesome blog. Its really helpful..it just that one need to execute it in life

  • Meghavi Patil

    this is beautifully written.. we all need a paradigm shift.. it seems difficult to implement but with practice it can be done..

  • Anil Kulkarni

    Hi Shrreya. Very well written article. Yes, it is possible to achieve whatever you want with change in your thinking. After all, deep thoughts lead to actions, repeated actions form habits & habits decide the outcome.
    So, as stated by Albert Einstein, “It is stupidity of highest order to expect different outcome with same actions we have been practicing”. In other words, if we want different outcome, we need to change our actions by changing our thinking.
    Now, that is a paradigm shift.

    • shrreyashah

      Thank u so much sir, these words are so encouraging

  • Unnati

    Wow shreya….it’s a wonderful read

  • Prachi - PL-6

    Hey Shrreya a very well written blog! I shared with my friends and family.

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