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  • Sujata

    Considering your child as unique is really a blessing, this uniqueness should be shaped with logical reasoning, that every parent should follow while raising their child so that comparison will not come in way as a hurdle. It will also help to have a great bond among child and parents. Nicely explained Shrreya !!!

  • Shradha Vyawahare

    Nice one shreya..not had even single thought on it..thankful to you for giving such a wonderful thought…
    Yes,I am irreplaceable,and my children will be too… 😊

  • Vaishali Kumar

    Very well written and said. Nice article and it’s true. No need to compare child and noone should do things for others.

  • Reshma

    Wow really it’s an thoughtful insight , thinking why god dnt send a person like you before as I became the mother firstday of my life ..yes my kids are irreplaceable ..

    • Anuja Ugale

      Well said Shreeya.. Such a wonderful thought.. Thanks for sharing..

  • Priya

    very beautiful…
    yes we are masterpiece n we are unique. 😊

  • Ramdas ugale

    Very nice thoughts…self belief and self motivation is very important…

  • Sandeep

    Very true and nicely explained. Thanks!

  • Trishla Shaw

    Wonderful sharing!! Great thought!!
    New way of looking towards our kids!!
    Everyone r unique n a masterpiece..
    Thanks a lot for sharing..

  • Prasad

    Shreyaa, – that’s an awesome thoughts. Really liked it.

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