Amit & Sneha Pandey

Father-Amit Pandey
Mother-Sneha Pandey
Baby-Amaira Pandey

MyDvija has been a Wonderful experience. Since this was my first pregnancy i was clueless of what to eat and what to do. We joined prenatal sessions from MyDwija and it was the best thing we could do in our pregnancy. We followed the tips and tricks. We crates our painting through paint my child activity  for Amaira and we could see the characteristics we wished for her. Her smile, her hair her eyes are beautiful the way we wanted. She has indeed glowing skin. We wish her to sing like Rekha Bharadwaj, that future will decide though, she  likes music and we are happy with it. We are proud parents as Amaira doesn’t cry much after her Vaccinations, Thanks to inform and perform technique. She doesn’t cry in the evenings like mostly babies do.
Can’t Thank Shrreya and MyDwija enough. Thanks to Dr. Rahul Deo. We are blessed to have such a wonderful pregnancy and parenthood journey with MyDwija. Lot’s of love.


Amol & Shradha Vyawahare

Joining mydvija and attending Shreya’s sessions were one of the best decisions we could make when we were preparing for our babies delivery. We as parents were made ready for the coming babies and what all small and big things to be done before and after delivery.
Shreya taught us some naive concepts like womb talk, baby talk, growth chart and delivery plan which instilled lot of confidence in us as we prepared ourselves better for coming baby while practicing these concepts. Shreya even taught us how to breast feed the babies, massage them, bath them, handle them. All necessary food eating habits, medicines, exercises, and home made prescriptions for taking proper baby care.
We could see lot of things in our babies which we used to talk to them during womb talk. And parenting twins has become a little easier with the confidence and knowledge we gained from mydvija.

Amruta Patil

Hi Friends,

My first experience with mydvija at swaminathan hospital was when I was 37 weeks pregnant, I went for casual check up, when my doctor took a scan and predicted that my baby was still in the breech position inside the womb. I got a bit tensed hearing to that. But we (me, husband and shrreya) didn’t lose faith and  regularly did talk with the baby inside the womb. Within just 10 days after, when we went for check up to everyone’s surprise, he had turned to the normal position which generally will not happen in this stage and finally we both had a safe delivery.
During those first week, he was a messy baby like many others that he never slept during nights and I had a very tough time with the visitors during day time. I  have done “Nap chaat ” to him, within a week only he started sleeping like us.
After these two major incidents, my faith on Mydvija became very strong.
Last week, when he turned 2.5 months​,he himself turned back on his stomach.We are so happy with experience of Classes.
I am also implementing​ the ‘inform n perform’ a lot as I feel connected to my baby through it.
Learning​ Through mydvija has been an exceptionally wonderful journey.

Thanks a lot shrreya
Lots of love from us and baby


Anita & Nilesh Shedge

Hi Shrreya.. I’m thankful to u for 6 year’s ago I had attended ur pregnancy class.I had a very good experience. My mother in law  and my mother were also worried that my normal delivery would not be because my weight is very low.The exercise you taught, I used to do everyday,so my normal delivery was done and second delivery was without episiotomy .Most important is I m very  happy to say the oil massage that u told for stretch marks was also done everyday,so I still do not have a single stretch marks after both deliveries and my husband is also very happy.
Shreyas and Sharv enjoying music very much because of meditation and both of them very intelligent and calm.
I share  my experience to more people and also speak to them to join’ mydvija’.
Thanks a lot  Shrreya

Gauri Pawar

Hi Shreya,

I joined mydvija prenatal batch in oct 2014 during 4th month of my second pregnancy. My first delivery experience was very good and it was normal still I feel to join batch because I wanted to know prenatal and postnatal exercises, lactation tips and how to develop eating habits for kids. I was planning my delivery in USA and not to call any elders for help so this time so wanted to take efforts on my challenges I experienced during my first delivery.

mydvija actually helped me to overcome all my challenges. I used to talk to my baby during pregnancy that build a good connection between both of us. My 2nd delivery is normal and my daughter is healthy. Now she is 27 months old and eating almost all food on her own, she is v calm and sensitive . This is actually I wanted 😊😊.

Thanks Shreya!!

Shraddha and Mangesh Deshmukh

Thank you Shrreya for everything which I learned from mydvija. Womb talk-unbelievable my baby stop crying by listening a mantras and song which I said during womb talk. As you say I really wonder oh my God is this my baby!!!  bacchoo is very active, smiley, happy just because of things I have learned with mydvija thank you so much and one more unbelievable thing no stretch marks at all. Yes we have done it. Everyone wonders on it even Dr asks me. All credit goes to you Shrreya thank you so much you are doing a great job thank you. And lots of Thanks to our doctor (Dr. Rahul Deo) who referred you to us.


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