Blissful Pregnancy

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About the Program

Blissful Pregnancy is a combination of science, rationality, intuition, culture and spirituality.

In this program, we explore the miracle of pregnancy, enabling the mother to deliver a little angel. It is all about being in a good state physically, emotionally and spiritually for the new life inside you. At MyDvija, we support the “would be parents” in creating a calm surrounding through music, positive thoughts, healthy eating habits, yoga, meditation, creativity and communication with your unborn child.
You just enjoy a blissful pregnancy.

Isn’t it surprising to see that a few kids are born with abundantly gifted qualities?
This program helps in shifting your outlook towards conscious approach during pregnancy by both parents. At MyDvija we support the expecting mother and the surrounding family to make well-informed decisions, gain clarity from one’s doctor to prevent any unnecessary medical interventions and importantly engage the father throughout the pregnancy.

The journey to a wonderful parenthood begins by being a couple who is highly involved. Here we explore essential ideas and their application in our daily lives. It involves Garb Sanskar which is an ancient science of nurturing the baby even when in the womb.
“Garbh” means unborn child and “Sanskar” means to educate so Garbh Sanskar is a procedure that educate the couples to get healthy, brilliant, beautiful, cultured and heredity disease free genius babies.

As per ritual aspect “Garbhsanskar” means to perform “Sanskar” (ritual) on couples like Garbhadhan Sanskar, Pusavan Sanskar and Simntonayan Sanskar to get virtuous progeny.

Program Structure

The program has 4 modules each focused on one of the core aspects:

a) Body         b) Mind        c) Soul        d) Connection

Group 3196


• Physiological aspects of child development & baby growth in the womb
• The changes a mother’s body goes through during pregnancy
• Antenatal exercises for hormonal balance and toning of muscles involved in pregnancy
• Optional: Vedic chanting and meditation
• Q&A

Group 3197


• A powerful technique for positive energy and peace
• Debunking food myths and planning an ideal diet schedule for various stages of pregnancy
• Acupressure & Massage techniques
• Spiritual connection with the baby
• Optional: Vedic chanting and meditation
• Q&A

Group 3198


• Art therapy and activity that will help both the parents connect with the baby in the womb
• Understanding how parents are co-authors in the child’s destiny right from pregnancy
• Exploring and working with both tangibles and intangibles of the baby
• Visioning: Attracting the qualities of legends into your little angel
• Q&A

Group 3199


• Understanding how ‘Better Manufacturing Lesser Maintenance’ also applies to human babies
• Multiple techniques to smoothen out the parenting journey as a team
• Techniques for building a deeper connection with the baby in the mother’s womb
• Role of a parent in imparting values of self-confidence and self-esteem
• Doing things for the lifelong benefit of your child
• Q&A

The entire program is conducted in 4 sessions.

Program Schedule

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Program Structure

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Program Structure

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Program Structure

What Patients Say

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Blissful Pregnancy 1

The program “Blissful Pregnancy” created a strong bond between us and helped us understand each other a lot during pregnancy. The techniques were very effective in calming Anu throughout the process and Shrreya was our strongest support in all situations. She is well-informed and I am very thankful for her support.

Anu & Surendra
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Blissful Pregnancy 2

Shreya is a lovely guide and prenatal instructor who supported me throughout my pregnancy and even continued after Adhira’s birth.

Sarika, Yashodhan & Adhira
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Blissful Pregnancy 3

Blissful Pregnancy has been one of my best experiences. All the information from Shrreya not only eased my pregnancy and postnatal concerns but also surprised my parents with the knowledge I gained.

Swati Shah
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Blissful Pregnancy 4

Shrreya is doing wonders for all the new parents. Concepts like ‘womb talking’ and ‘paint my child’ really helped us bond with our baby and we see the power of the sessions now that our child is with us. Apart from the program, Shrreya’s responses to over queries round the clock and her informative videos made my prenatal journey really wonderful.

Trupti, Dhruv
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Blissful Pregnancy 5

Shreeya is one of the most amazing persons I have known. Mydvija has been an integral part of my pregnancy from the 6th month. I am still connected within around then them for 2 and a half years. She is very positive person. Her advice and guidance have made my pregnancy a very smooth journey. After pregnancy her technique for parenting, my diet, how to handle postprandial depression, my post pregnancy exercise regime and weight management advice has really helped me. We can ping her the queries and she responds immediately. She is one of my strong support in my life decisions. Can’t thank her enough. I suggest every expecting mother should  attend her sessions and followed her tips.

Snehal and Avadoot
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Blissful Pregnancy 6

You cannot get a better person with a balance of knowledge, compassion and giving attitude during the period when you need someone the most. She is your guide, anchor and the go to person and she is the reason that this journey is awesome and a beautiful one. Thanks alone is not enough. We feel indebted for life. Shrreya is the best guide, anchor and go-to person on this beautiful journey. She is a balance of knowledge, compassion and support during the period you need it the most. We feel indebted to her for life.

Baby Isabella, Neelima and Manoj
Blissful pregnancy and final lap Priyanka and Rohan 1

blissful 7

I am a second timer mother.Had known few things taught here in the class with experience. But I still made it a point that I attend all the classes she has to offer. Why? Because it gave me a confidence to handle situations if any comes up.The way she trains parents for kids,its amazing,finding happiness instead of crankiness is not something you can easily teach someone.Moreover her company is very pleasant to be in.

Priyanka and Rohan
Blissful Pregnancy Kiran and Vikram Thorat

blissful 8

"Mam" because you deserve to be treated with respect To start with we want to commend your efforts, the passion and enthusiasm with which you conduct each and every session.We live in this world of social media where things become viral in no time and it is more difficult for a pregnant woman who gets up influenced by the outside world wherein everyone shares their own tips and fundas on it our elders, friends, family members, relatives and so on.. everybody has their own set of thoughts.. this is where you come in and present facts, teach things that are necessary and burst a lot of myths around.. So we feel your role becomes far far more important.The best thing about what you do is, there are so many babies who are born with your many babies in the coming soon category who are undergoing your teachings... And so so many more yet to come who will be joining this list...We suppose a baby first knows 3 people mummy, daddy and Shreya and rest will follow.. again your role becomes very vital.One thing that we admire in you is,Love something..keep doing it..not for reward..not for appreciation.. but for the love of it..

Kiran and Vikram Thorat

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should join Boost Fertility?

This program is for those who are planning to conceive in a natural way. Couples undergoing IVF or IUF should also join as this program compliments the process by enhancing the mental and physical wellbeing.

Why should a couple join Boost Fertility?

We at MyDvija firmly believe that a pregnancy is a journey which must be led by choice and not by chance. This requires careful planning and preparation under the guidance of experienced mentors.

Is it okay if only one parent attends the course?

We at MyDvija recommend the attendance and involvement of both parents. But if somehow this is not feasible, one of the willing parents can actively take part while the partner can passively support.

What is the duration of the program?

The program is a single session of 2 hours.

Is there is any medication involved?

No, it a non-medical process. There are no medicines involved. It is a completely natural process.

How can I enrol myself for the program?

You can either come down to the different centres or you can register online.

What are the different modes of payment?

There are different modes of payment. You can pay via cheque, cash, through virtual wallets like Paytm, GooglePay, etc, COD. The mode of payment is dependent on the on the centre you are enrolling for and the process of enrolling.

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