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About the Program

Boost Fertility is a great way to plan the entry of a healthy new being in your life.

At MyDvija we can help you plan with proper preparation. During this program we would provide insighst on diet, lifestyle, exercises, physical intimacy etc. This is an excellent platform to discuss about physical intimacy, positions, hold etc. The couples who have enrolled themselves for Boost Fertility have been really enjoying the process of conceiving.

When you are trying to conceive the wait can seem endless at times. During the course we indulge in meditation to calm you down and help you to conceive in natural ways. Yes, there is no medication involved. We not only prepare your mind but also your body to conceive.

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Five ways to boost your fertility

Boost Fertility has five ways to boost your fertility and your chances of getting pregnant.
1. Maintain your ovulation calendar
2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle – this gives a healthy start to the baby
3. Include natural supplements with your regular diet
4. Indulge in physical intimacy without being too eager
5. If you are over 35 years of age, and have been trying to conceive for more than a year then seek help

Program Structure

Boost Fertility circles around the below aspects which are designed to improve uterine health, blood circulation to genitals, egg health, sperm health and uterine lining. The session is aimed to boost your mental health which is very important in the entire process.

The program covers the below core aspects:

a) Lifestyle          b) Diet          c) Physical Intimacy          d) Exercises          e) Pranayama

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Lifestyle is a personal choice and a conscious decision. Lifestyle plays an important role in one’s physical and mental well being. This in turn can boost your fertility and accomplish your dreams.

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You are what you eat! Yes this is absolutely true. Research says that vitamins and nutrients have a positive effect if a couple is trying to conceive naturally. The nutrition is not only important to the body but to the mind too.

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Physical Intimacy

Research says that a major percentage of infertile women and men have good physical intimacy. So the major concern should be not getting too eager and loosing out on hope.
Pleasure should be the focus.

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Exercise is perhaps the best way to be fit at any stage in one’s life. It relaxes and yet makes you more flexible. Exercise in any form positively affects your body. Exercises which are fertility boosters can improve blood circulation to uterus and so improves it’s functionality

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Pranayama helps to release stress which affects fertility very positively. It keeps you calm , focused and in control. Pranayama can also help to improve sperm count

The program will span out as below

• Slide show giving clarity about conceiving, developing child and the father’s role.
• Day to day concerns and non-medical remedies to get relief like acupressure points, sleeping posture, salt water bath, diet changes etc.
• Highlighting different aspects of physical intimacy.
• Emphasising on proper diet. Explaining the food pyramid.
• Pregnancy Diet and Myths
• The session ends with pranayama, chanting, exercises and meditation.

Program Schedule

Maharshinagar Branch Batch Schedule

Program Structure

Pimpri Branch Batch Schedule

Program Structure

Online Batch Schedule

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These are group sessions conducted online. Batch details will be sent you through mail

What Participants Say

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This program on fertility was definitely worth every penny. We look forward to a new transition from husband-wife to dad-mom.

Neelam, Kaushik
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The program prepared us well with good knowledge about conception especially exercise, diet and lifestyle modifications. As a part of the community, we get special attention and assistance from Shrreya which we can’t expect from the doctors. We are now looking forward to the next stage of our parenting journey i.e. pregnancy. Thanks Shrreya once again!

Rupali, Suraj
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Shrreya became a mentor who helped us find a sane balance between age-old beliefs and excessive information online, which is a complex reality of today’s age. We are attending all her programs as we are progressing through our pregnancy. Her tips are scientific, traditionally rich and first hand experiences as well. It’s very comfortable to raise any kind of doubts with her. Thanks Shrreya for being there!


Frequently Asked Questions

Who should join Boost Fertility?

This program is for those who are planning to conceive in a natural way. Couples undergoing IVF or IUF should also join as this program compliments the process by enhancing the mental and physical wellbeing.

Why should a couple join Boost Fertility?

We at MyDvija firmly believe that a pregnancy is a journey which must be led by choice and not by chance. This requires careful planning and preparation under the guidance of experienced mentors.

Is it okay if only one parent attends the course?

We at MyDvija recommend the attendance and involvement of both parents. But if somehow this is not feasible, one of the willing parents can actively take part while the partner can passively support.

What is the duration of the program?

The program is a single session of 2 hours.

Is there is any medication involved?

No, it a non-medical process. There are no medicines involved. It is a completely natural process.

How can I enrol myself for the program?

You can either come down to the different centres or you can register online.

What are the different modes of payment?

There are different modes of payment. You can pay via cheque, cash, through virtual wallets like Paytm, GooglePay, etc, COD. The mode of payment is dependent on the on the centre you are enrolling for and the process of enrolling.

We thought these products might help you

Consultation with Shrreya Shah

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30 Min Consultation

60 Min Consultation

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‼️ Attention- new moms and couples whose babies are 5 months plus
Launching upcoming session on peaceful solid food introduction to babies & BLW
(Pl note once you register you will receive links a day prior)

Date-29.1.22 Saturday
Time- 11am-1.30pm
Venue- online (live)

Once you register- you will receive links to join session a day prior

*Are you having doubt about how will baby accept solids & how to plan it over next one year?
*Do you wish to offer nutritionally balanced food that compliments babies growth?
*Are you confuse how will baby settle once u join work?
*Are you looking for ideas so that babies look forward to having food?
*do yo u want to be peaceful parent in the journey of solid introduction?

If answer is YES- join us and register for online session using given link-

Motto of this session is to get-

  1. BLW(baby lead weaning) & TW (traditional weaning)
  2. detailed planning
  3. right combinations
  4. Can child look forward to food offered
    and lot of ways to make independent eating part of little ones life🤩🤩🤩🥰
  5. *we offer huge range of home made Baby food as well

Do you know a child does not eat with the mouth, they eat with their eyes😳
know many more out of the box facts and ideas in session

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mydvijacourses #dietitian #peacefulbabyfoodibtroduction

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Let’s celebrate being a true women becoming mother- 💃 

🤰🔜🤱 👼

*come and join the force - a bigger family 

(Once you register links will be shared a day prior)

“For birth of child we must be prepared, confident and informed.”a do yo u believe so🤩then we are in sync 

** pl note if you are  under 20 weeks then need to do 4 sessions in this batch and last three sessions with next batch)

🗣 Online batch for expecting couples starting from 13th November -(7 sessions 7 Saturday - 5 surprise session- total 22hrs of fun, learning  )

1. session 1- 8th January Saturday - (4.30pm-6.30pm)- miracle in the womb.. let’s connect to Baby in womb 

2. session 2- 15th January saturday- (4.30pm-6.30) - diet-massage tricks- babies right & left brain stimulation

3. session 3- 29th January Saturday - (4.30pm-6.30pm)- paint my child (art therapy activity- for brain stimulation)

4. session 4- 5th February Saturday - (4.30pm-6.30)- womb parenting- parenting tricks

5. session 5- 12th February Saturday - (4.30pm-7.30pm)- Labor preparation, labor manage, delivery, tricks to reduce labor timing

6. session 6- 19th February Saturday - (4.30pm-7.30pm)- breastfeeding tricks and tips, post delivery diet, hospital bag pack

7. session 7- 26th February Saturday - (4.30pm-7.30pm)- Baby care, post delivery care, baby bag pack, baby bathing- massaging- products selection

**please note there will be 3 live exercises session complimentary and one family (grand parents) session complementary. 17hrs+ 4 of fun, masti, sharing

In case you have query 

What’s app +919850581342

*Just sharing video that will give u idea- why thes classes will help you.

*Know about trainer Shrreya shah- 

Child birth educator, trained labor support, internationally certified lactacian consultant , dietitian, fitness expert..

Looking forward to see u all..

Team mydvija

Follow mydvija on you tube, Facebook & Instagram

“Play is the shortest route between children and their creative calling.

Lots of love to a parents…
(Age 3 months-3years)

if u want to learn 182+ activities with lots of parenting tips ( let’s turn home play in to developmental play) join us
Here we announce all details-
*To join Free orientation
8th January Saturday- 2022

•20live online session (through zoom)🤩u can attend across world 🌎
•10 developmental aspects (mental, brain, physical, spiritual, emotional, social, cognitive etc..)
•live session recordings will be given (and will be available till end of 20 sessions)
•actual batch starts from 15th January timings- Wednesday and Saturday 7.45pm-8.45pm
(Fees- 6699/-registration will open after free orientation)
•25+hand made developmental toy kit box gift across India

🥳🥳Surprise Surprise - those who will attend orientation will get a offer price window for 15min

Boost fertility 

‼️ Attention- couples who are planning for baby‼️

Are you confused about diet, lifestyle, exercises, stress and balancing work and personal life while planning a baby ? 😳

Do you wish ….

✅ Do u wish to conceive a healthy child?

✅To have clarity about fertility booster food and exercises 

✅Do you wish to conceive stronger and faster?

✅Do you wish to have better hormonal balance( PCOD & thyroid)

✅ Do you wish to have work life balance with pregnancy?

✅ To conceive peacefully , maintaining intimacy within marriage 

✅ To burst myths around Physical relationship 

🤷‍♂If you wish to start journey towards this new approach - just one click and register now

🗣What if I tell you

🎯You will have no back pain in pregnancy 

🎯you can make diet modification with very little changes to conceive stronger and faster

🎯you can learn a trick to balance stress and personal life

🎯you can improve your response to the treatment 

💁‍♂In this course you will learn the ways to Improving sperm health, egg health, uterine lining etc through innovative ideas

we have trained over 1000+ couples to shift from "We" to "Us" peacefully 

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