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Planning for a pregnancy?

Planning for pregnancy is a very important yet a beautiful phase of every couples’s life. It must be planned. It could be you are trying to conceive or have planned to conceive at some point in the near future.

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Boost Fertility

Plan and enter into a healthy life with a proper lifestyle and diet. Conceive in a natural way by elevating your fertility with a holistic approach.

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At MyDvija, we support the “would be parents” in creating a calm surrounding through music, positive thoughts, healthy eating habits, yoga, meditation, creativity and communication with your unborn child.

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Blissful Pregnancy

When you are trying to conceive the wait can seem endless at times. At MyDvija we can help you plan with proper preparation. During this program we would provide insighst on diet, lifestyle, exercises, physical intimacy etc.

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Your full pregnancy guide.We at mydvija believe in confident, Prepared, Aware and positive pregnancy. This program will be your guide in this special journey. During this program we would give insighst on Modernized Garbhasanskar, Posture,Baby Brain Development Activity etc.

Pregnancy Fitness

Pregnancy Fitness

We at MyDvija help you to connect with your child creatively through dance and movement.We help you to manage your weight through pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. Physical exercise prepares your body towards an effortless labour and natural delivery.


About to Deliver?

MyDvija offers you the structured programs guiding you through final stages of your pregnancy avoiding any undue complications and keeping you physically and mentally in the right shape.

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Final Lap

You are almost thee, yet so far! We will take you to through a memorable experience during the crucial and nagging last few days. So buckle up and lets gets started…

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Happy Motherhood

This class will help you to burst all myths and understand how powerful u are as a mother…Right from breastfeeding, physical changes, baby care, and many more things which lingers in your mind will be answered…


Already got a little one(toddler)?

Nothing is as exciting as bringing your new born baby home. It’s a moment you’ll treasure forever. But it can also be quite a daunting task,especially if you’re new to baby care.

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How to Introduce solids peacefully to Babies (Weaning Baby)

Finally,it is that moment in the journey which you have been waiting for…The little bundle of joy has arrived! Baby’s birth may be just a moment,but the feeling is surreal.Its like the fragrance which lingers for the lifetime.

Mothers Fitness

Women’s Fitness & Weight Loss

Here at MyDvija we give special importance to the new mother’s wellbeing. There are classes conducted on weight management. There some activities like Aerobics, Dance, Pilates. The mental health is taken care through meditation and yoga.

Mothers Kids Club

Playdate With Parents

This unique program is a great way to establish the initial bond with your child. Most of the new mommies are not sure how to spend some quality time with the child. A place where you come and share your experience and ideas and learn from others. A great place to enhance your social skills

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