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About the Program

Pregnancy is typically divided into three trimesters.

The first trimester is from week 1 through week 12 and includes conception. During this time, the body feels weak as its getting used to this new development. There is morning sickness, nausea, and the body feels tired. The first trimester carries the highest risk of miscarriage (natural death or lack of growth of embryo or foetus). The second trimester is from week 13 through to week 28. Around this time symptoms from first trimester usually fades off. Beginning of second trimester is the right time to start with “womb parenting.”Get ready to use “art therapy” from MyDvija to have a right vision for your child.

And yes, the “would-be Fathers” can be an active participant to shape the little one inside. Around the middle of the second trimester, movement of the foetus may be felt. At 28 weeks, more than 90% of babies are completely developed.

The third trimester is from week 29 through week 40.Pre-natal care with good guidance may lead to a nonchalant pregnancy.In case of blood pressure or gestational diabetes or thyroid detected it’s the right time to start with pranayama, meditation and the exercise protocols. Following a prescribed diet and regimented regular exercise (walk, yoga etc) can help alleviate any undue complication and helps in being physically and mentally in the right shape.

So here comes the “Final Lap” program from MyDvija.

Program Structure

The program covers different aspects of pregnancy, child birth, health of the mother as well as the child.

The aspects covered in the sessions are:

a) Developing Pregnancy         b) Pregnancy Diet          c) Labour & Delivery          d) Breastfeeding          e)Post Pregnancy & Child Cares

Group 3200

Developing Pregnancy

  • Labour Cardio Pranayama
  • Slide show about conceiving and developing child
  • Father’s Role in pregnancy & child birth
  • Postural Correction, acupuncture points, sleeping posture, salt-water bath, etc.
  • Day to day concerns and their non-medical remedies
Group 3201

Pregnancy Diet

  • Pregnancy diet. Explaining the food pyramid
  • Post-delivery diet & nutrition
  • Milk production boosters
  • Understanding of weight distribution during pregnancy
  • Finally myths vs realities
Group 3202

Labour & Delivery

  • Labour Pain and Handling – What is labour pain and its stages and types and how to get it naturally.
  • Ways to handle labour pain. Breathing techniques, massage, postures.
  • Few postures which will help in progressing labour pain.
  • Ways to reduce back pain in labour. To understand medically why labour pain is an important aspect of birth.
  • How does the baby does 80% and mother has to do the remaining 20% of the job. Role of labour support, importance of expression of love and motivation.
  • Know the active labour cardio exercises.
  • Know the alarming signs and when to rush to hospital like sudden bleeding, not feeling moment, panting etc.
  • Types of Deliveries – What is involved – cervix, vagina, uterus, placenta, amniotic fluid, umbilical cord etc. C-section, forceps, painless, vacuumed induction etc. Clarity about the different delivery options
  • Options for pain management, with or without medical emergencies
  • Episiotomy, Medical Emergencies. Situational decisions to be taken by a gynaecologist
Group 3203


Breastfeeding is best for your child. Till 6 months of age the baby should be completely on mother’s milk. Thus, it becomes absolutely necessary that every parent should have clarity and right information about breastfeeding.

At MyDvija we give you all that you want to know about breastfeeding.

Get answers to all your challenges:

  • Clear all the myths about breastfeeding
  • When to start breastfeeding after delivery?
  • How to prepare the nipple and tone the breast?
  • How you can make sure that you are lactating well?
  • How to have the right latching position?
  • How do I know is my baby is feeding well?
  • Know the right diet plan that will help you to lactate well?
  • How much hydration is needed?
Group 3204

Post Pregnancy & Child Cares

  • Postnatal care of the child and the mother.
  • Postnatal exercises after normal as well as after c-section.
  • Why those 40 days? Is it a just a myth?
  • Post pregnancy diet.
  • Contraception- its importance and the available options.
  • Baby wrapping, messaging, bathing. Interpersonal relationship, parenting, sleep talk…etc
  • How to burp the baby?
  • How to increase the immunity of the little one?
  • How to understand the baby language?
  • Alternate organic solutions available for the overnight night synthetic diapers?
  • What are the activities to do with the new born?
  • How to handle post-delivery depression caused due to hormonal changes?

Program Schedule

Pimpri Branch Batch Schedule

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Online Batch Schedule

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These are group sessions conducted online. Batch details will be sent you through mail.

What Participants Say

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final lap1

Final Lap session was outstanding. Got to know various aspects about child in womb, how does child pass through birth canal, labour, and most importantly how to be positive throughout the journey. Exercises suggested by you went long way to keep me active during pregnancy and helped a lot to have Normal delivery. Last but not the least the way you deliver the session was awesome, your energy level was super se bhi upar.

Varshali Bartakke
Ellipse 14

final lap1

Thank u so much dear Shrreya & Mydvija for the beautiful journey of Motherhood as well as fatherhood, which rarely gets the importance. We are enjoying this amazing phase with your precious guidance & support in this journey. “Womb chat” is coolest thing we learned from you. We are really thankful for you your guidance in welcoming our angle very gracefully in this world. love u 😊

Sumedha, Sandip
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final lap3

Shrreya is one of the faithful resources in Prenatal and Prelabour care. This program helped us become confident in having Ojas, our bundle of joy as painted during the program. We are immensely thankful.

Bhakti & Rohit

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should join Boost Fertility?

This program is for those who are planning to conceive in a natural way. Couples undergoing IVF or IUF should also join as this program compliments the process by enhancing the mental and physical wellbeing.

Why should a couple join Boost Fertility?

We at MyDvija firmly believe that a pregnancy is a journey which must be led by choice and not by chance. This requires careful planning and preparation under the guidance of experienced mentors.

Is it okay if only one parent attends the course?

We at MyDvija recommend the attendance and involvement of both parents. But if somehow this is not feasible, one of the willing parents can actively take part while the partner can passively support.

What is the duration of the program?

The program is a single session of 2 hours.

Is there is any medication involved?

No, it a non-medical process. There are no medicines involved. It is a completely natural process.

How can I enrol myself for the program?

You can either come down to the different centres or you can register online.

What are the different modes of payment?

There are different modes of payment. You can pay via cheque, cash, through virtual wallets like Paytm, GooglePay, etc, COD. The mode of payment is dependent on the on the centre you are enrolling for and the process of enrolling.

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‼️ Attention- new moms and couples whose babies are 5 months plus
Launching upcoming session on peaceful solid food introduction to babies & BLW
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Date-29.1.22 Saturday
Time- 11am-1.30pm
Venue- online (live)

Once you register- you will receive links to join session a day prior

*Are you having doubt about how will baby accept solids & how to plan it over next one year?
*Do you wish to offer nutritionally balanced food that compliments babies growth?
*Are you confuse how will baby settle once u join work?
*Are you looking for ideas so that babies look forward to having food?
*do yo u want to be peaceful parent in the journey of solid introduction?

If answer is YES- join us and register for online session using given link-

Motto of this session is to get-

  1. BLW(baby lead weaning) & TW (traditional weaning)
  2. detailed planning
  3. right combinations
  4. Can child look forward to food offered
    and lot of ways to make independent eating part of little ones life🤩🤩🤩🥰
  5. *we offer huge range of home made Baby food as well

Do you know a child does not eat with the mouth, they eat with their eyes😳
know many more out of the box facts and ideas in session

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Let’s celebrate being a true women becoming mother- 💃 

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“For birth of child we must be prepared, confident and informed.”a do yo u believe so🤩then we are in sync 

** pl note if you are  under 20 weeks then need to do 4 sessions in this batch and last three sessions with next batch)

🗣 Online batch for expecting couples starting from 13th November -(7 sessions 7 Saturday - 5 surprise session- total 22hrs of fun, learning  )

1. session 1- 8th January Saturday - (4.30pm-6.30pm)- miracle in the womb.. let’s connect to Baby in womb 

2. session 2- 15th January saturday- (4.30pm-6.30) - diet-massage tricks- babies right & left brain stimulation

3. session 3- 29th January Saturday - (4.30pm-6.30pm)- paint my child (art therapy activity- for brain stimulation)

4. session 4- 5th February Saturday - (4.30pm-6.30)- womb parenting- parenting tricks

5. session 5- 12th February Saturday - (4.30pm-7.30pm)- Labor preparation, labor manage, delivery, tricks to reduce labor timing

6. session 6- 19th February Saturday - (4.30pm-7.30pm)- breastfeeding tricks and tips, post delivery diet, hospital bag pack

7. session 7- 26th February Saturday - (4.30pm-7.30pm)- Baby care, post delivery care, baby bag pack, baby bathing- massaging- products selection

**please note there will be 3 live exercises session complimentary and one family (grand parents) session complementary. 17hrs+ 4 of fun, masti, sharing

In case you have query 

What’s app +919850581342

*Just sharing video that will give u idea- why thes classes will help you.

*Know about trainer Shrreya shah- 

Child birth educator, trained labor support, internationally certified lactacian consultant , dietitian, fitness expert..

Looking forward to see u all..

Team mydvija

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“Play is the shortest route between children and their creative calling.

Lots of love to a parents…
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