3-12 Months Babies Holistic Development Bundle With Playdate


Pregnancy & New Mom Meditation- 4 (Sunday) Sessions

Weaning & BLW ( Peaceful solid food introduction )- Hindi Recorded Online (Included in Bundle)

Holistic development baby weaning video bundle

Play-Date 10 - 185+ Developmental Home Play Ideas With Parenting

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25+ Home Made Toy Kit (Hand made)

Quick Tiffin Recipe Collection

Mydvija Baby Food E-brochure

Mydvija Baby Cosmetic & Baby Care e-Brochure

Strength Exercises – New Mother (English)

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast looking to regain your pre-pregnancy strength or a new mother looking to get started on your fitness journey, this course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and support you need to prioritize your physical health and well-being.

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Whats In It For Me

“Setting the right habits early on will be the best gift you can give your child. “ This bundle includes-

1. 20 live online sessions for 10 developmental aspects- Wednesday & Sunday-7.45 pm-8.45 pm-(all sessions recording will be provided and will be accessible till the duration of the course) – Upcoming Batch of play date starts on 16th April

2. Weaning & BLW ( peaceful solid food introduction ) With Online Live Q & A with Shrreya Shah- recorded online course- access for 6 months

3. Developmental special notes for weaning and play date.

4. Live online with 4 meditation sessions.

5. 25 quick tiffin recipes to make feeding your baby on the go easier. Getting used to having the baby around can be taxing & to learn & grow to make sure you are providing the best to your baby is of utmost importance.

6. Strength Exercices new mother ( Recorded Online)

The initial months are the most crucial as this is when the core eating habits are formed, 3-12 months is when you can train your child to eat the best way. In this bundle, we cover the most important aspects of the growth & development of the baby both. You will be learning 185+ home play ideas to spend quality time with your fast-growing baby to impact their positive mental development while spending quality time with them.

Along with that, you will also be getting the weaning & solids introduction course that will make sure you set the foundation for your child’s nutritional choices right. This bundle is a holistic combination of everything you can wish for to make sure your child’s needs are met, in the best way possible. Want to raise a prodigy baby? Get this bundle now.


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