Bundle 5 Toddler (1yr-4yr) Holistic Development


For parents with children from age group 1 to 4 years of age this bundle is the most wholesome course bundle out there. from nutritional aspects for healthy physical development to cognitive, mental, social development through play we have covered it all. Along with playdate & nutrition course the bundle also includes fitness sessions for mothers as this is a crucial phase to get back in shape & shed those extra kilos.

Toddler Nutrition And Care

Post Delivery Fitness And Weight Loss (One Month)

Pregnancy & New Mom Meditation- 4 (Sunday) Sessions


“As my child is learning to adjust to this new world, I am learning to adjust to my new world that’s my child.”

1. 20 live online sessions for 10 developmental aspects- Wednesday & Sunday-7.45 pm-8.45 pm-(all sessions recording will be provided and will be accessible till the duration of courses)

2. Toddler nutrition- live online course

3. Developmental special notes for weaning and play date.

4. Women fitness and weight loss-12 sessions- live online

5. 25 quick tiffin recipes

As the baby turns 1 and you have just got the hang of parenting your complete world turns into a flipside of toddlerhood. From a very noisy, messy, chaotic household to a kid running around the house refusing to eat. Yes, toddlerhood is challenging for most parents but if we learn to tackle it mindfully there isn’t anything more fun & memorable than this time with our toddler. Learn some beautiful play ideas to enjoy & explore the world with your little one while mastering the art of feeding your child highly nutrition-packed meals with the most mindful tips & tricks compiled with years of expertise. This bundle is the most holistic approach for your child’s most crucial growing years but if you can tackle these couple of years well then their futures are sorted with this as their foundation.