Combopack- Dhoopdani + Dhoop Powder


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Whats In It For Me

Age group & best time to use:
Smart combo pack which is a solution for giving hot fermentation at home t0 new mother and baby. Helps relieve cold and cough in little ones.Can be used for the mother (around the vagina). Suitable for babies when suffering from cold or cough as well.
Key Points:

  • This can be used for mother (for vagina) and baby both.
  • Smart solution for giving hot fermentation at home.

Edible / Non Edible :
Non Edible


Dvija Dhoop dani:

  • It is one of the smart ways to get post delivery vaginal hot fermentation to mother and sek/ hot fermentation to newborn

Dvija Dhoop Powder ( Hot Fermentation) :

  • Ajwani
  • Balant Sheep etc.


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