Garbha Sanskar



In simple words – GARBH- means womb & SANSKAR means teaching good & positive thing..
So should one be chanting , walking , stay positive always( it’s tough 😳)
In simple words anything that makes parents feel positive , faithful, confident gives positivity to baby – that’s GARBHASANSKAR ❤️🥰
5 measure elements- AAHAR( diet), AACHAR( lifestyle changes), VICHAAR( diverting thoughts to be positive), VYAYAM(exercises), SADHANA( mediation, chanting, visualisation)
Lot and lots more activities to connect to little one ❤️
Team mydvija look forward to have you .
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Content of Course

  • Diet - Habit Building
  • Paint My Child
  • Exercise + Common Condition Management
  • Womb Parenting
  • 5 Senses Stimulation In Babies
  • Fun tricks to work on babies IQ, EQ etc.
  • Lots of chantings and mudra's to have peaceful pregnancy


Shrreya Shah- Child birth educator, Lactation consultant
Priyanka Kalbhor- Pre & post natal fitness coach & nutritionist

Start Date/ Timings

26th August, 2022
5 Friday Batch
07:30 PM - 09:00 PM IST




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