Bundle 1- Miracle In The Womb ( Garbhasanakar) Bundle


Womb Wisdom (IQ, EQ, Brain Stimulation) Garbhasanskar

Essential Nutrition & Lifestyle (First two Trimester Wise Guide)

Paint My Child (Desired Baby Vision Chart)

Pregnancy Fitness

Pregnancy & New Mom Meditation- 4 (Sunday) Sessions

Hardcopy- Dvija To Be Mom’s Diary

Hardcopy- Dvija To Be Dad’s Diary

Miracle In The Womb Videos

Miracle In The Womb Essential Notes

Product Guide (Brochure)

40 Pregnancy Specific Essential Recipes


“Fire blossoms with air,
Air blossoms with trees,
Trees blossom with water
A child inside the womb blossoms with a confident mother.”
This Bundle includes the-
1. Womb wisdom (babies IQ, EQ, brain stimulation- 1 session 2.5hr live online
2. Essential nutrition & lifestyle- 1 session 2.5hr live online
3. Paint my child ( desired baby vision)- 1 session 2,5 hr live online
4. Pregnancy fitness- 12 sessions live online- Monday-Wednesday-Friday-7.30 am.8.30am (IST)- live online- please note these 12 sessions validity will be for 6 weeks once you register
5. Meditation session- 4 sessions- every Sunday- 7 am-8 am (IST)- please note these 12 sessions validity will be for 6 weeks once you register
6. 2 books hard copies will be sent by postal address across India (for international students E-book access will be given)
7. Bundle of youtube videos
8. Miracle in the womb essential notes
9. 40 essential recipes for pregnancy
10. Product guide pdf

**Please note- all live online sessions will be conducted by shrreya Shah & mydvija team. All live online sessions joining links will be shared a day prior mydvija team.
This Bundle shall be your Ultimate Guide through the most special phase of your pregnancy. From the Initial days of finding out you are Pregnant till the time you enter your last trimester, we shall be here to provide you with all the solutions to your issues & to make sure you have the best pregnancy experience.
If you are someone who thoroughly believes in gaining the right knowledge & making sure you are giving the baby the best that is out there then this bundle is just for you.
Who can attend:-
All pregnant couples or pregnant women in their first or second trimester (1-6 months pregnant).


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