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Pregnancy Fitness 1 Stay healthy throughout your pregnancy. Pregnancy Fitness Register Now! Pregnancy Fitness 1 Stay healthy throughout your pregnancy. Pregnancy Fitness Register Now! Pregnancy Fitness 1 Stay healthy throughout your pregnancy. Pregnancy Fitness Register Now!

About the Program

Gone are days when people used to think you should not exercise when you are pregnant.
As a matter of fact, it is very important to exercise and be healthy throughout pregnancy.

At MyDvija we believe exercising during pregnancy not only improves your health but also, makes your pregnancy smooth and easy. Physical exercise prepares your body towards an effortless labour and natural delivery.

Program Structure

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We at MyDvija help you to connect with your child creatively through dance and movement.

We help you to manage your weight through pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby.

Program Schedule

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What Patients Say

Blissful pregnancy and final lap Priyanka and Rohan 1 1

pregancy fintness 3

Was a regular gym person.But you need more than just basic knowledge of exerxise during pregnancy.Quitting gym and joining her fitness classes was the wise choice i made.i am almost pain free and very active throughout my pregnancy.The variety and intensity she takes.I really enjoy it.Cannot thank her enough.

Priyanka Kalbhor
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Pregnancy fitness 2

9th month pregnant and I have been attending pregnancy fitness sessions conducted by Mrs Shrreya at mydvija I must say that my experience throughout the 3 months of these sessions have been super amazing since I started attending these sessions when I was about to complete my 6th month.of pregnancy and I have been quite regular on all the sessions.I enjoy all the sessions since the exercises which she teaches help us to train our body quite well and the problems which ladies usually have after delivery and their complains about various body aches are lessened by ladies who are trained by her.She is an amazing lady and helps us solve all are queries related to pregnancy and child birth. Hats off to you. Thank you for everything. And I am thankful to her that I got this opportunity to write a feedback for her.

Reena Jodhwani
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Pregnancy fitness 1

Fitness is something which u need in ur entire life for a healthy living, but people think that during pregnancy u don't need to do exercise but during pregnancy being fit is the most important thing which u can gift yourself and for this definitely i would recommend "Shreya Shah at mydvija” she is the best and she will definitely bring the best in you during the important time of any pregnant women

Dimple Manglani

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should join Boost Fertility?

This program is for those who are planning to conceive in a natural way. Couples undergoing IVF or IUF should also join as this program compliments the process by enhancing the mental and physical wellbeing.

Why should a couple join Boost Fertility?

We at MyDvija firmly believe that a pregnancy is a journey which must be led by choice and not by chance. This requires careful planning and preparation under the guidance of experienced mentors.

Is it okay if only one parent attends the course?

We at MyDvija recommend the attendance and involvement of both parents. But if somehow this is not feasible, one of the willing parents can actively take part while the partner can passively support.

What is the duration of the program?

The program is a single session of 2 hours.

Is there is any medication involved?

No, it a non-medical process. There are no medicines involved. It is a completely natural process.

How can I enrol myself for the program?

You can either come down to the different centres or you can register online.

What are the different modes of payment?

There are different modes of payment. You can pay via cheque, cash, through virtual wallets like Paytm, GooglePay, etc, COD. The mode of payment is dependent on the on the centre you are enrolling for and the process of enrolling.

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