Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

What an amazing movie, amazing acting, lovely performance, drive, passion, energy, fitness….you mention and all of it is part of this movie. There is one very important word in the title Bhaag ( Run). It’s not about movie it’s about real life. Run everyone run. This can be the way we lead our life.
There are about a dozen benefits of running
1. Keeps high energy levels
2. Gifts deep sleep
3. Keeps you fresh and more efficient
4. Keeps weight in control
5. Keeps mood fresh
6. Less conflicts and more more positive
7. More alertness
8. Bones are stronger
9. More stamina
10. Healthy breathing so proper oxygen input and carbon dioxide output
11. Skin is nourish and have glow
12. Reduce chances of osteoporosis

It’s not only for exercise but also for overall health of body and mind. It does have few very basic requirements like, good shoes, a track, willingness and self motivation. It’s time to get started in this wonderful weather around.

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