Labor Support- Remember This

Who is a labor-support?

Why labor-support is important?

What can be done by someone who is a labor support?

Labor-support is a person who is taking care of a woman/girl in labor to help her to stay comfortable, move through birth process, and remind her that what’s happening is normal & healthy.

How can a labor-support help?


  1. Be positive and relax so that you can give her strength.  Remember it’s difficult to see someone you love in pain.

2. Use hot or cold water fermentation depending on the season (pour water on back and vagina for soothing, dip a napkin or towel in water and put it on nipples or forehead)

3. Make her do deep breathing exercises (when she is in pain doing deep breathing with her with proper eye contact can give her a lot of comforts and boost her self-belief).

4. Remind her to use the washroom. If possible ask her to pour warm water at the vagina and at the back while using washroom. Help her if necessary. (This helps the lower muscle to respond to baby dropping and increases opening)

5. Play music in the background (Soothing, spiritual, melodious-depending on her liking. Music is one of the best distraction).

6. Encourage her to drink fluids and eat if its medically allowed (this helps to keep energy levels high and avoid dehydration).

7. Help her to keep changing position unless she is medically bounded at one place (changing positions, like walking, swaying, duck walk, hip rotations, etc. can help baby to come down faster).

8. Use positive affirmations as you can, you are doing good.. (motivation and encouragement can be her best friends).

9. Give her gentle massage at the back, and at the neck. (massage helps to feel relaxed and get distracted).

10. Make her smile and feel relaxed.
(With every smile there is a possibility of her opening faster).

11. Do observe the intensity and duration of pain (Count the number of seconds pain persists. Note how periodically pain comes back).

Remember- having a strong support system will make it a TEAM work.

Do let us know if we can play any role.

Happy birthing



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