My Pregnancy

My pregnancy- My first trimester-
“Stop being afraid of what can go wrong,

And start being excited about what could go right.”

Pregnancy is so much of what this above line says or defines. Most of the pregnant ladies read, Google, talk to friends and relatives and somewhere the focus may shift from what could go wrong to what could go right.
Let’s not train our mind to think negatively.
Why am I not having nausea?
Why my back is not hurting the way normally girls do in initial stages of pregnancy?
No morning sickness?
Why to ask questions which will make you think negative.
Let’s shift our focus and understand. Every pregnancy is different.  Even if you and anyone else is facing or not facing general symptoms in the first trimester, it’s absolutely ok. They can be handled with care, freedom and confidence.
Let’s focus on what all can go right in first trimester. Can pregnancy be seen utilised and understood as most important phase in child’s development in the womb?

Follow quick tips to work with child s a team –
* Doing meditation or practicing non-doing every day
* Do not introduce yourself to anything new in first trimester
* To be more connected to nature stay awake in nature around sunrise
* Treat child as an individual and develop the relationship
* Read books that inspire you!  eg. Autobiography, mythology etc
* If you were already doing exercises before conceiving, learn third trimester exercises and do it.
* Drink loads of water
Dear all it’s a responsibility to be parent and not a status. Let’s live focusing on what all can go right.

Keep in mind YOU will be a parent soon!

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