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Must Do Positive Talk With Your Baby (Pregnancy & After Delivery)

Affirmations : Positive talk with your baby(pregnancy & after delivery)

✅ Ganesha consider Parents Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati as his world ! 🌎

✅ Likewise our babies feel we are their world. 🌎

✅ Whatever we speak ,whatever we feel and we think becomes their Life’s moto ,their belief system.💪. Man is product of their own believes

✅ So here is short example of Affirmations which was given to me by one the student of Louise hay ( Mother of Affirmations ) for my baby which m sharing

❤️ Affirmations NOTE TO YOUR BABY❤️

1. My baby is always surrounded by divine light.
2. Divine love is always flowing to my baby.
3. My baby is divinely protected and safe.
4. My baby is guided by divine intelligence.
5. Divine wisdom guides my baby to become wise and successful.
6. Divine light shows the path of positivity in life to my little one.
7. My baby’s attitude towards life stays positive.
8. My baby is compassionate and contributing to world in positive ways.
9. My baby’s face shines with positive energy.
10. My baby’s smile spreads positive feelings in people around him.
11. My baby learns good things and lives a wonderful life.
12. My baby is playful, happy and amazing by nature.
13. My little I am always there with you, for you.

(onc you deliver baby and name baby- please replace my baby with babies name)

❤️ Day by day in every way oh my little one you are becoming most and more healthy, wealthy, loving , blissful and spiritual- you deserve abundance.
You will make it very very big in life my champion.

I think the best time to say these is throughout their life ! A silent prayer or something to be said when they are playing or sleeping ❤️

with love,
Shraddha Mankame More (mydvija team member)
& Shrreya Shah ( CEO of mydvija)

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