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mydvija is proud to be associated with two doctors who have established practice and hospitals have been serving since 30 years in women health


Dr. Rahul Deo MD (OBGYN)

Swaminathan Hospital, Pimpri, Pune

mydvija actually helped our patients to overcome all their challenges. Thank you Shrreya and mydvija for doing a great job. Learning​ through mydvija is exceptionally wonderful journey. Refereeing patients to mydvija is one of the best decisions towards their pregnancy.


Dr. Mahesh Bedekar MD (OBGYN)

Dr. Bedekar Hospital, Thane, Mumbai

Thank you Shrreya and mydvija for helping our patients to understand the beautiful journey of pregnancy. Your sessions are so interactive and full of positive energy that couples’ perspective towards their pregnancy changes, they become very comfortable and all this is ultimately helps them in achieving a positive outcome.

Pregnancy Planner - Important Milestones

Knowing about these milestones will gift clarity to every couple to go ahead with pregnancy with confidence.

Getting Pregnant

Maybe you’re really eager to get pregnant, or maybe you’re hoping to have a baby at a certain time of year. Here are five ways to boost your chances of conceiving quickly as well as some guidelines on when to be concerned about a possible fertility problem.

  1. See your healthcare provider
  2. Plan for a healthy pregnancy – to give your baby a healthy start
  3. Figure out when you ovulate
  4. Have sex at the right time without getting desperate
  5. If your age is 35yr cross and you are already trying since a year. Seek for help
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Your First Scan

All pregnant women are offered an ultrasound scan at around 8-14 weeks of pregnancy. This scan is called the dating scan. It’s used to see how far along in your pregnancy you are and check your baby’s development.

What is the purpose of the dating scan?

The purpose of the dating scan is to:

  • To know how many weeks pregnant you are and work out your due date (the estimated date of delivery, or EDD)
  • check whether you are expecting more than one baby
  • check that the baby is growing in the right place
  • check your baby’s development
  • Check for baby position

Two squares on the sides-

The type of your conceiving- NATURAL CONCEIVING OR through IVF OR THROUGH IUI. What was the cause for delayed conception.

Taking care of these initial days day to day concerns. In case you are going through nausea, vomiting or morning sickness. This is the settling phase.


Pregnancy is typically divided into three trimesters. The first trimester is from week one through 12 and includes conception. Conception is when the sperm fertilizes the egg. The fertilized egg then travels down the Fallopian tube and attaches to the inside of the uterus , where it begins to form its own world- embryo and placenta. The first trimester carries the highest risk of miscarriage (natural death or lack of growth of embryo or fetus).The second trimester is from week 13 through 28. Around this time symptoms from first trimester usually fades off and few new things start propping up. Around the middle of the second trimester, movement of the fetus may be felt. At 28 weeks, more than 90% of babies are completely developed to be called as human being. The third trimester is from 29 weeks through 40 weeks.

MOST IMPORTANT- prenatal care through right guidance will help pregnancy outcome. In case of blood pressure or gestational diabetes or thyroid detected it’s the right time to start with pranayama , meditation and right exercises. Following right diet can help any complication to be kept in control.

Starting of second trimester is the right time to start with “womb parenting.” Get ready to use art therapy to have a right vision for your child. Fathers active role begins in pregnancy to shape little one inside.


Baby Birth

Baby birth is momentary but it’s feel within heart lingers lifetime. LIVE YOUR BIRTH.

  • fathers role at the time of birth
  • clarity about all types of delivery options
  • options for pain management
  • know pain management options in case of no medical emergencies
  • know which are the alarming sings
  • what can be done right from the day of birth
  • know active labour cardio exercises
  • focus on your new role as a mother and father
  • start post delivery exercises
  • how to handle post delivery depression caused due to hormones


Breast is best for your child . But every parent should have clarity and right information about breastfeeding.

  • get clarity about all myths regarding breastfeeding
  • when to start after delivery
  • how you can make sure that you have good milk supply
  • have right latching and position
  • how do I know my child is feeding well
  • get answers to your challenges
  • know your right diet plan that will help you to have right milk flow
  • hydration needed and how much needed
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Baby Care

Nothing is as exciting as bringing your new born baby home. It’s a moment you’ll treasure forever. But it can also be quite a daunting time, especially if you’re new to baby care.

  1. How to wrap the child?
  2. How to change nappies?
  3. Are there organic solutions available for night synthetic diapers?
  4. How bath my little one?
  5. How to burp my child?
  6. which are alarming signs?
  7. Immunity?
  8. Weaning
  9. How to understand baby signals?
  10. Activities to do with new born?

Etc. Come to mydvija and know it all and much more.

Knowledge gives confidence and we share knowledge so gift confidence.


Birth might be momentary but its vibrations lasts life time. LIVE YOUR BIRTH!

Passion is expression

At mydvija every time you come to learn something you will experience a different zeal of energy.

Knowledge gifts confidence

As a couple u are a team with your little one. With right knowledge you three become a confident team.

Scientific approach

Everything that is taught will be backed up by explaining science behind it.

3 Defining Periods - Trimesters

The first trimester is measured from The first trimester is from conception to about the 12th week of pregnancy; the second trimester, from about 13 to 27 weeks of pregnancy; and the third trimester, from about 28 weeks of pregnancy until birth. Let’s see what happens with you and your baby during each of the three stages

  • 1

    Pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks, counting from the first day of your last normal period.

  • 8

    Day to day concerns what you are facing. eg. nausea, vomiting,acidity etc. We share home remedies for issues you are facing.

  • 16

    Intro call free and then you can opt to learn in details which will be paid. Informing you about womb parenting, fathers role begins, womb talk, paint my child-duration 45 min.

  • 24

    Check for any thyroid or gestational diabetes. Work with yoga and pranayama to get breathing right and hormonal balance, chanting.

  • 28

    Its time to get ready to handle labor pain and what should be done. Labor handling and delivery session. Labor exercises. its called labor cardio (breathing).

  • 32

    Its time to learn about breastfeeding, positions and postures. Bag pack for mother and baby. (If you want we can talk about post pregnancy kit also at this time)

  • 34

    34- 36 weeks

    Baby care. (baby wrapping, massaging, bathing), parenting techniques which works best with new born till 7 yr age. Postnatal care with respect to bleeding, baby blues, interpersonal relationship, activities to be done with new born.

  • to

    34- 36 weeks

    Baby care. (baby wrapping, massaging, bathing), parenting techniques which works best with new born till 7 yr age. Postnatal care with respect to bleeding, baby blues, interpersonal relationship, activities to be done with new born.

  • 36

    34- 36 weeks

    Baby care. (baby wrapping, massaging, bathing), parenting techniques which works best with new born till 7 yr age. Postnatal care with respect to bleeding, baby blues, interpersonal relationship, activities to be done with new born.

*units in weeks

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