Facts For Every Expecting Dad!!!

Becoming a father is a journey which must be cherished and nurtured. My dvija wish to help you to live this to it’s fullest.

Facts that every expecting father must know.

1.Baby can hear you from 4th month of pregnancy so pl communicate and form that special bond

2.Baby can recognize father through voice- so talk to baby separately then what you talk to wife

3.Dads pl whistle to baby every day. This is a music which will bond you with baby better.

4. Fathers your main focus should not be baby it must be supporting mom

5. Do not fight or resist your partners emotional bursts- be patient and take deep breaths.

6. Dads life is going to change, in a big way. So get ready for it.

7. Take initiative to educate yourself with your partner.

8. You have a special role as a father- in labor, breastfeeding and post delivery care

9. fathers be expressing about your love. Do care and love- don’t pamper too much.

10. she will need more of,  ‘I understand’ and ‘I am there for you’  than ‘I love you’

*** being a parent is not a status- it’s a responsibility- so it must be shared

To see you tube video about this. Click on given link

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