I Am Krishna And I Am Kansa

Yesterday was an outing day filled with satisfaction & joy. It was filled with finding happiness in the small things of life. By the end of the day voice was compromised due to excess talking. Started feeling very tired. At night had something unexpected happening, an emotional outburst that could make me cry. I have cried a lot in recent times but it was either out of gratitude or happiness but out of negative feelings cried after very long time. It put me through churning.

Then mind started a game. As I have learnt, ‘it’s me who will decide which will be my dominating thoughts and feelings. In turn they will determine the outcome of that moment, that day, that week and yes! Broadly my whole life.

What Krishna represents- being playful, being unconditional lover, being a warrior, having special powers. So actually the role for which he was sent on earth was clear. So he was equipped with things required with right thoughts and feelings. It would have been such boring life for him with all the power if that snake- Kalia had not came to his village. If he did not steal butter, so many demons did not attack him etc. exploring all shades and colors of life with smile.

What Kansa represents- a king, power, loving brother, knowledge, warrior, strength, surrounded with lot of powerful people. So actually he was more equipped than Krishna who was growing in village.  Fear and uncertainty made him do what he did with his sister. So he did not live with right feelings and emotions. Imagine if he has not imprisoned his sister trusting that Akashwani(as per mythology), if he would have used his power and all people around him for betterment of humanity- the entire story of his life would have been very different.

So my life gives me opportunity to be Krishna who chose right over good. Or it chooses bad over right like Kansa. It’s everyday, every minute which will be a deciding factor…

5.15am Alarm rings- my mind has to choose snooze or get up- what is right- let me choose.

5.40am its exercise time- body pain starts within mind- how to beat this mental game

6.20am-  its time to sit for meditation- mind says take a nap for 20 more minutes so that you will not feel tired.

Etc. etc. etc……

So every moment of life offers to make a choice, depending on what I allow to be my dominating thoughts and feelings. There will be slips, fall, and wrong track. GET BACK! Know what is right! ACCEPT! We all will have Kansa popping in our heart once in a while . We have to decide what will be dominating within me. Let’s be a blessing to oneself by carrying Krishna within- a lover, a giver, a warrior and a blessing to people around.

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  1. Arpita Sen says:

    Very well written ma’am

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