Dvija Natural Shatavari (Homemade)



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Age group & best time to use:

Shatavari is a herb which is used traditionally and as per Ayurveda it can help in many ways if consumed daily as a lifestyle.

Must be used from 20th week of pregnancy till at least 12 months after delivery.

Must be used for kids who are 1yr plus till puberty . It can be a wonderful milk mix for 1yr plus.

It’s made by natural processing.

It’s grown in soil where fertilisers are not used. It’s naturally dried not in machine by farmers.

*Please note it contains sugar.

Key Points:
Helps in blood purification and boosts breastmilk supply in breastfeeding mother – To be consumed from the 5th month of the pregnancy to the time the baby turns 12 months old. Must be given to kids 1yr plus.

Helps in immunity building, better blood supply, cleansing process of body.

Edible / Non Edible:

  • Shatavri
  • Askand Etc


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